Your 3-D Business Directory!

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 Welcome to, home to a future projected 3-D business directory. Holo is short for the term hologram and the HoloPages is itself a take on the public domain term "Yellow Pages".

 The HoloPages will first be seen as an online directory, but the future ability to project a 3-D image from a portable device such as a phone, watch, an augmented reality headset, or a holographic projector will allow this directory to be viewed as 3-D phone book pages.

 These pages will resemble those seen in a phone book of today, however the HoloPages will display the text in a 2-D format while the services and products which are offered will appear in a 3-D format.


 The HoloPages will follow the same monetization model used by existing directory sites. Companies already present in an existing area will get a free text listing, while the companies that pay an additional advertising fee can submit their own custom 3-D ad that will allow them to outshine their competitors.